Smoothies for both of you!

May 26, 2016

A fresh smoothie is a great way to kick start your day and energize your morning. Wouldn’t it be nice to energize your dog’s morning too, especially if you have a busy day planned together?

Studies show that leafy greens are not only good for your dog’s health – they’re an essential part of their diet. Successfully convincing your pup to eat a big pile of spinach, however, is pretty unlikely. What to do?

Hiding healthy greens in a delicious smoothie is a quick and easy way to ensure that your dog is ingesting the vitamins and nutrients it needs. We found a delicious and nutritious green power smoothie recipe that is safe and healthy to share with your dog. This smoothie will help kick start the day for both of you!

Green Power Smoothie Recipe

1 cup torn kale
1 cup bagged frozen spinach (or fresh)
1 frozen banana
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 1/4 cups water
1-2 tablespoons honey


Blend all ingredients together, adding water if necessary. Pour a ¼ cup into a bowl for a medium-sized dog, and keep the rest for yourself.





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