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May 26, 2016

Food trucks have been a delicious trend for quite some time now. We have some options here in Canada (though not nearly as many as we would like due to by-law restrictions) and many options all over the U.S. Sometimes you’re too busy having a great time at the park to think about food. Then you see a food truck pull up and realize that you’re STARVING. Problem solved. High five.

What if you’re busy having fun at the park with your dog? You’ve satisfied your hunger, but if you forgot to pack snacks, you may need to head home early to feed your pet. There’s a new trend sweeping the nation that solves this problem – gourmet food trucks for dogs. Brilliant, right? Soft, homemade treats your pup will love!

These food trucks have been showing up in major cities across the U.S. There’s Fido to go in Chicago, Bow Wow Bones in Austin and The Seattle Barkery, to name a few. Options include “pupcakes” (cupcakes with bacon), pumpkin pretzels, salmon and parmesan-flavoured bones, and peanut butter banana cookies. Your pet will be so pleased.

Speaking of pet-friendly trends, there’s another one we love – vending machines for dogs. Hey Buddy is a pet supply vending machine that can be found in parks and recreational areas all over the U.S. The machines offer a variety of pet products, including toys, treats, water, accessories and “clean-up” supplies.

Created by Carlotta Lennox, the idea began when Lennox found herself continuously in need of on the spot pet supplies at parks in Miami. After years of research and development, Lennox installed the first Hey Buddy vending machine at Bark Park Central in Dallas, Texas.

Versions of pet vending machines have since appeared elsewhere. Have you ever seen a pet vending machine? Tell us about it in the comments section!


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