Pet birthday parties

December 15, 2016

Honestly, pet birthday parties are the best. We can’t get enough. Dogs in birthday hats, cats with pink icing all over their whiskers, it’s one winning photo opportunity after another. As an added bonus, your pet loves them, and you love to throw them. Perhaps you’re a seasoned vet when it comes to throwing your pet a party, or maybe you’re new to the pet party scene. Either way, it’s nice to go into your party planning with some diverse ideas on how to get the most fun out of the day for both you and your pet.

We’ve compiled a list of some great ideas below. Try some at your pet’s next big party! They’re sure to make your next pet party a wonderful, memorable occasion.

For Dogs

Canine karaoke

It’s as fun (and funny) as it sounds! The game is simple: owners come on stage with their dog and serenade them to music, and the dog that participates most wins. Bonus points can be awarded for a particularly good performance from the pet owner.

Snoopy Says

Like Simon Says, Snoopy Says can begin with simple commands and get progressively more difficult. The last pup standing wins! It’s also a great way to fit some training practice into the party festivities.

Fastest dog contest

Most dogs love the chance to run as fast as they can. For this game, use Frisbees or tennis balls to entice your pet to run fast. Time each dog’s run, and the best time wins!

For Cats

Laser tag

Think of how hilarious it is to watch your cat chase a tiny red light around the room. Now think of how hilarious it will be to watch ten cats do this. The cats will have a great time, and your mouth will hurt from laughing so hard. Win win!

Box party

Literally a party full of boxes. This sounds weird but your cat will lose it. You can decorate boxes of all sizes in fun, bright colours, and set them up however you like. Cats love boxes, and it will be cute to watch them play with many at once.

Catnip scavenger hunt

Hide a bunch of catnip-stuffed toys around your house/yard, and let your kitties explore! The cat that finds the most toys wins.

For Dogs or Cats

Best-dressed pet

Have a pet fashion show! Dress your pet in something stylish, or a classic costume, whichever theme you choose. Pet parents can also get in on the fun and coordinate a costume with their pet. Think of all the photo opportunities.

Pet and pet parent photo booth

You can hire a photographer to bring some props and snap some great photos of all the pets and pet parents at your party, or you can splurge and rent an actual photo booth. Either way, you’ll be able to capture the great memories made at your pet party.

Party favour bags

These are a nice treat for both your human guests and furry guests. The bags can include toys, treats, and personalized pet-themed gifts for pet owners, like mugs with their pet’s face on it, or personalized t-shirts. Get creative and have fun!

Do you have your own special pet party traditions? Share your ideas with us on our Facebook page!



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