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December 15, 2016

If you’re a dog lover, you likely spend a fair amount of time spoiling your pup. Yummy treats, luxury dog beds, trips to the doggy spa, all the best things for your best buddy. What your dog would love more than anything though is more quality time with you! We would like to help you do just that with this list of Christmas gifts for dogs that you and your pup can enjoy together.

If you’re not buying for a dog this year, these gifts are perfect for the dog lovers on your shopping list!

The Varsity Ball – For the larger, active furry friends in your life, The Varsity Ball is an extremely durable ball perfect for the pup that tends to get a little too excited during playtime, destroying essentially every toy in their path. The ball is large enough that pups can’t get their teeth around it, meaning they can’t tear it in half, as some dogs love to do. Get it here.
Whistle GPS Pet Tracker – If you’ve ever lost sight of your pup at the dog park, or if your pet has ever briefly wandered off, you know how unsettling it can be to not know exactly where your dog is, even for a moment. That’s why the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is such an awesome, useful product. The location-tracking device easily attaches to your pet’s collar. Then, through their monthly service plan, pet owners are able to not only track their pet’s movements at all times, they’re also able to monitor their pet’s activity and health. The service also allows owners to set a custom “Whistle zone”, so that when your pet wanders outside of this safe zone, you receive a text and email alert. Get it here.

Chuckit! – The Chuckit Launcher will take your fetch game to a whole new level. The easy to use toy lets you throw farther with less stress on your arm, and it allows for easy pickup of what is surely a slobbery ball. Learn more here.

Subscription to Dognition – Dognition is a fascinating series of science-based games that you play with your dog. The games are designed by canine experts to measure your dog’s empathy, communication, memory, cunning, and reasoning. Once you complete the games, you receive a “Dognition Profile Report”, a unique 10-15-page report that provides in-depth insight into your dog’s mind. Pretty cool, right? Learn more here.

Shake – This glorious dog photography book is a true delight. Author Carli Davidson’s simply titled book “Shake” captures dogs mid-shake – as in photos of pups in the middle of shaking off water or drool. The results are as hilarious as it sounds. Put a smile on any dog lover’s face with this gem, and inspire them to get some shake photos of their own. Learn more here.

Have you and your dog tried any of the items above before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments section below!



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