Cats are walking all over the runways (sort of!)

April 15, 2016

It’s called a cat-walk for a reason right? Cat lovers can rejoice because felines are taking over the fashion world. From high-end brands like Gucci, to realistic retailers, this fashion trend is the cat’s meow and cat prints are so “in” right now. Here are 3 of our favourite looks for every crazy cat woman to embrace:

Gucci sweater

Okay… so if we were granted 3 wishes, 1 would be to own this beautiful, high-end Gucci cat sweater. It’s the perfect combination of quirky meets posh. One can dream, right?

H&M Cat Jersey Dress

The fashion Gods have answered our prayers! This adorable dress is exactly what every cat lover has been searching for. At only $15 it’s not only super adorable, but a realistic buy… you know you wanna!

Vans Cat Collage Shoes

These simple low-top, lace-up shoes with cats everywhere are pur-fect for every day wear. We’re sure you will get lots of compliments every time you step foot out of the house in these.

It’s a fact. Cats are slowly taking over and have fully infiltrated the fashion world. Do you own an awesome piece of cat clothing? Tell us about it!

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