Yoga + Cats = Heaven

April 15, 2016

Yoga lovers, your meditative thoughts have paid off. Cat Yoga is the 2016 trend that you’ve been waiting for.

Yoga sessions that include cats are a thing and they are starting to pop up at studios across the globe.

Imagine yourself in downward dog, and an adorable cat head bumping you. These interruptions aren’t annoying like that girl who keeps checking her cell phone, but encouraged! The cats love the attention and playing on the mats, and we won’t think you will mind either.

There are actual studies that show while the kitties won’t get rid of the source of your problems, they do help to temporarily reduce stress associated with smaller things like an annoying co-worker.

We’ll take the temporary fix if it means getting to spend time doing yoga and having the welcomed interruption of an adorable cat during practice.

Do you and your cat make time to do yoga at home? Let us know your experience in the comments below.


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