Top 5 Most Original Pet Costumes

October 25, 2016

Easily one of the best parts of Halloween is seeing pets in costume. Cats dressed as tacos, dogs dressed as burritos, it honestly never gets old. We scoured the web and rounded up a list of our top five favourite and most original pet costumes to share with you, because sharing is caring.

Are you planning on dressing up your pets this year? It would be so wonderful if you could share with us photos of what is sure to be epic levels of cute pet costumes right here on our Facebook page!

Trick or treat!

  1. This incredible fluffer dressed as Indiana Jones


His little leather jacket is exceptional.

  1. This kitty dressed as a vampire


Look at her teeth!

  1. This very good boy dressed as a fire truck


Look at his face – he knows his costume is amazing.

  1. This fierce feline dressed as a taco



  1. This team of pups dressed as fast food


The epitome of #squadgoals right here.

Honourable mention: This guy dressed as a hotdog


A hotdog! He looks so pleased!


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