Pet Trend: Pet Cams

September 15, 2016

Inevitably, your pet will have to be left at home alone. For some pets, this happens every day until their owners finish work or school. Whether your pet is home alone every day or just a couple times a week, it still doesn’t make leaving them any easier.

Luckily, pet cams, an awesome new pet trend, allow owners to check in on their pet throughout the day, receive live video and photos, talk to them and even give their pet a treat! We found four great pet cam options that you can use to make leaving your pet behind each day a little easier.



PetBot allows you to call your pet, see your pet, and treat your pet. Using a built-in camera, PetBot automatically sends pet owners photos of their pet, along with notifications if your pet’s sounds or movements indicate that it could be in distress. The built-in camera also allows for a live video feed, which owners can view using the free PetBot app on their smartphone. Using this app, owners can speak to their pet through the built-in speaker, and also have the ability to dispense treats for their pet. PetBot has variable treat dispensing gears that allow owners to choose their own treats in varying sizes to dispense for their pet. Learn more about PetBot here.



The Petcube camera allows you to see your pet on live video, talk to your pet through a built in two-way speaker and play with your pet, all done remotely using your smartphone. The Petcube has built in Wi-Fi, a two-way audio system, as well as motion and sound detection notifications. The system works remotely through the Petcube app, which pet owners can use to check on their pet, talk to their pet, and play with their pet by activating a built-in, certified and safe laser. Learn more about Petcube here.



Similar to the previously mentioned pet cams, PetChatz give pet owners the ability to check in on their pets through live video and two-way audio, as well as the ability to dispense treats. The nicest thing about PetChatz though is that it also includes a built-in screen so that your pet can view you too! You can pop in and say hello to your best buddy any time you want, as many times as you want. Pretty great, right? You can learn more about PetChatz here.



Mi-Cam is a great no frills, easy to set up option for those who are looking for a basic pet cam. Mi-Cam is plug and play – simply plug it in, download the free app and get started. The one-click set up is perfect for those who like to keep it simple. With its Wi-Fi remote video monitor, Mi-Cam can be set up anywhere you like. It offers two-way communication, so you can talk to your pet and hear them as well, and it supports free local video recording. It even has a low light night vision camera! Perfect for checking up on your pets at night-time. Learn more here.


Have you ever used a pet cam? If so, which brand did you use?

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