Pet Psychics – Woohoo or Voodoo?

November 4, 2016

Pet psychics, also known as animal communicators, are a curious business. Is it for real? Is it a scam? It seems that a lot of people are quite split on this issue. We decided to learn more about all of this, and wanted to share it with you! Thinking of seeing a pet psychic?

Read this first!

What is a pet psychic exactly?

Well, according to many pet psychics, telepathically communicating with animals is something all of us do, all the time, without even knowing it. Pet psychics say that while we constantly send telepathic messages to our pets, pet psychics are the ones who can take this one step further, intentionally communicating with animals and relaying their messages back to us. How do they do this? By using electromagnetic energy. Pet psychics channel this energy to contact animals and communicate with them.

Why do people go to a pet psychic?

Well, for some, they simply want to check in on their pets, make sure they’re happy. Pet owners may also choose to see a pet psychic if their pet is lost, sick, behaving strangely or has passed away (although not all pet psychics are able to act as a medium for pets who are deceased).

Is it worth it?

A lot of people have had positive experiences with pet psychics. Just look at this Buzzfeed article where two pet owners met with a pet psychic and were blown away by the results. Your satisfaction with the psychic experience, however, depends greatly on the psychic you see. Some have excellent reputations, while others are simply trying to exploit pet lovers. According to a study out of the UK summarized here by The Daily Mail, the psychic industry is worth an estimated $170 million a year in the UK, but $70 million of that is made up of con artists posing as psychics.


The most important takeaway here is to do your research! If you’re considering a pet psychic, check out their online reviews to make sure their customers left satisfied. Alternatively, research popular pet psychics in your neighbourhood if you don’t have someone in mind yet, and give them a shot. Be prepared to pay a pretty hefty fee though. A pet psychic session can be pretty expensive, and the more popular and reputable the psychic is, the higher the cost will be.

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