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Pet Trend: Innovative pet beds for cats & dogs

October 5, 2016

A good night’s sleep is very important. You know that your pet’s sleep is just as important as your own, which is why you make sure your pet has a nice, cozy place to sleep each night. A fun trend right now is taking this cozy sleep spot up a notch by creating innovative pet beds! Some are super colourful, some are high-end design, some are really hi-tech, all are unique and a great addition to any room!

We searched the web and found some great, playful pet bed designs, like this awesome bed from The Posh Puppy Boutique. Officially called the “Furcedes” Car Bed, it has a zip off cover for easy cleaning. There’s also this hilarious shark pet bed for small pets. These are particularly great because they’re made with a self-cleaning nanotechnology. Pets also enter and exit the bed through the shark’s mouth, which we love.

Dog Bed

The super hi-tech pet beds we found are like something out of a sci-fi movie. Take the Petmonster for example. These highly unique pet beds come with motion sensors inside capable of determining if your pet is comfortably resting. The sensors can even determine whether or not your pet is sleeping soundly or is restless. The information is then sent to the pet owner via an app, which is an awesome way to keep track of your pet while you’re away at work.

We found a super useful dog bed in the South Shore Dog Bed design. The bed would fit seamlessly in the design of either a bedroom or a living room. Best for a small to medium sized dog, it resembles a cozy little day bed with a convenient pull out drawer, where you can store your pet’s toys and blankets. Such a smart idea!

One of the most unique pet bed designs we found was The Kitty Kasa Gym. Contemporary, stylish and playful, the “gym” is comprised of cubes that each serve a different purpose. The cubes are easily stackable and can be arranged in whichever way you choose. The same company also makes the “Barkie bedroom”, a fun take on dog beds. The company has the added bonus of the ARNI foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the rescue of animals. A portion of all proceeds goes to the ARNI foundation.

Cat Bed

For those looking for a super stylish pet bed, check out Bad Marlon. The pet beds here have a contemporary, stylish architectural design. These beds are great for the super chic consumer looking to incorporate a pet bed seamlessly into their already well designed home. We particularly like Bad Marlon’s Oshu design.

What sort of pet beds do you have in your home? Show us where your pet gets cozy each night on our Facebook page!

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