Best dog breeds for the active pet owner

April 10, 2017

Different dog breeds can offer different benefits. Some breeds are better with children than others, for example. If you’re an active person looking for an active pup, know that some dog breeds are better for active pet owners than others. This is especially true if you’re looking for a dog to run with, camp with, hike with, swim with – whatever activities you plan to enjoy, your dog can easily enjoy them with you provided he or she is an active breed.


Read on below for our recommended dog breeds for the active pet owner! Are you active with your pup? What kind of dog do you have? Tell us about it in the comments section below or on our Facebook page!



Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are a wonderful breed for the active pet owner. They’re bred to herd, which means they love running and playing outside. They also have a sweet personality and are known to be great with kids.












Boxers are a great breed for families and are best known for their loyalty. Provided that you regularly get outside and get active, a Boxer is a great choice for you. If you tend to be a bit more sporadic with your active lifestyle, however, a Boxer may not be your best choice. These breeds can become destructive if they aren’t exercised enough.




Collies make for a great family pet and an excellent hiking companion. Like the Australian Shepherd, Collies are particularly good with kids. They also have a variety of coats depending on the pup, so if you’re worried about the constant grooming needed for an active, long-coated Collie, choose a smooth coat instead.



Irish Setter

Irish Setters were originally bred as hunting dogs, so they absolutely love being outside. These pups are used to travelling long distances, whether it be walking or running. Regular exercise is essential for these dogs, so depending on how regularly you get active, the Irish Setter could be a perfect choice for you.












Vizslas are great for active families – they’re super affectionate and very intelligent. They also have an easy-going personality, making for an excellent travel companion. These pups need a lot of exercise and would make for a great training buddy if you’re running or swimming long distances.




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