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  • Raw Northern Lakes

    Samantha H.

    June 16, 2019 in Montreal
    My poodle is usually quite picky but she jumped on this food right away! My 10yo chihuahua eats just about anything but finding a balanced raw diet that does not give her loose stool and bad tear stains is difficult. Both of my dogs stools are perfect and time will tell for the tear staining but I definitely recommend this food! The downfall is the packaging. Once the food is thawed it is quite messy to get it out, I suggest putting the frozen brick into a Tupperware for thawing. The price is a bit over the top but locally, humanely sourced is worth every scent to me.
  • Nutrience salmon freeze dried dog treats

    Salmon, Tuna & Amberjack


    May 28, 2019 in Ste-Julie
    My 10 month old Beagle just loves these treats. Use them for training treats!
  • Puppy Fraser Valley Formula


    April 30, 2019 in Peterborough Ontario
    I had to stop using the Royal canine that came with the puppy from the breeder....and I like the quality of the Nutirence food so I changed over to it .....and I love that it is Canadian made !! My Pug puppy likes it....I have been using the Subzero puppy ....the first bag was great....but the second bag....my puppy developed diarrhea....I removed all the freeze dried raw food pieces and gave the kibble to her....the diarrhea stopped....so I stilll love the food and the quality! Will purchase another nutrience maybe small breed ...without the freeze dried raw meat! PS Pugs are really sensitive to many things ...learned that with my previous pug ...that we had to put down due to heart failure at the age of 14

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