Why feed Nutrience SubZero Raw?

July 24, 2019

Raw food is an excellent way to feed your pet the nutrients it needs to lead a healthy lifestyle. Raw food ensures that nutrients aren’t lost or damaged in the heating process that dry and wet foods undergo. It is also highly digestible, ensuring your pet receives a complete and balanced nutrition using only naturally-sourced ingredients, eliminating the need for added synthetic vitamins or minerals. Fresh meats and whole fish are an important source of protein for your pet. Likewise, all our recipes include a prebiotic and probiotic blend to aid in proper gut health. Nutrience SubZero Raw is made following the highest food safety standards and ensures that only the highest quality, human-grade proteins are included in our formulas. Each formula contains a diverse amino acid profile and provides complete nutrition, making raw food easy, and avoids having to follow a strict rotational feeding schedule with classic raw meals. All human grade supply chain manufacturers are required to implement a HACCP protocol and we are proud to be using the same standards for our SubZero products. In addition, every batch is tested for quality and security prior to leaving our kitchens and is safely transported in sub-zero temperatures right to the retail level.

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