Does Nutrience outsource the production of their food to third party manufacturers or do they make it themselves?

December 16, 2014

All Nutrience dry food diets are created in Vancouver British Columbia, within a jointly held facility, where we have full visibility and control of the process of sourcing and cooking.   Operating our own pet food facility provides absolute assurance that our brand promise is kept: to create foods from quality ingredients and ensure there is No Bad Anything in all of our foods. It is our priority to create every bag of Nutrience to the highest possible standards. Every batch is sampled for quality and is subject to feeding trials, a chemical analysis and a microbial analysis.

Nutrience treats and wet foods are sourced from select co-packers who specialize in the creation of high quality, small batch production using locally sourced ingredients.  We work closely with our vendors of choice, who we have carefully selected as best in class Canadian manufacturers to uphold our No Bad Anything pledge and who also follow our strict quality control procedures.

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