How to transition to raw?

July 24, 2019

The main concern when transitioning your pet from one type of food to another, or from one protein to another, is how active and healthy their gut bacteria is. In simple terms, the more they are exposed to variety, the better. A dog or cat may suffer digestive upset if they are quickly exposed to a new food that is different from what they normally eat. Both dogs and cats need an adjusting period to become accustomed to the new food. Transitioning onto the same protein makes the process easier for your pet. For instance, SubZero and SubZero Raw were developed with the same proteins in order to help make mixing and feeding raw easier. Both diets are complete and balanced for adult maintenance and switching between raw and kibble for ease of travel and convenience. As a first step, we recommend transitioning your pet from kibble to raw food slowly over 7 days. Most pets will readily eat the raw food; however, you may want to introduce it slowly to ensure you do not upset their digestive system. Begin by mixing in small amounts of raw food with the kibble slowly increasing the amount over a full week. Once fully on the raw diet you can experiment with switching back and forth with the SubZero kibble and observe how your pet reacts to it. Most healthy animals will not have any issues transitioning.

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