Nutrience Dog Food

Choosing a healthy dog food starts with the ingredient list. As a pet parent, it’s important to recognize the ingredients you will be putting in your dog’s bowl.

You know exactly where your dog is getting his source of proteins when you see identifiable ingredients like chicken, turkey, duck, and herring. Salmon oil and coconut oil provide healthy fats that will help your dog’s coat shine and feel soft. Dogs also benefit from eating fruits and vegetables, just like humans do. That’s why you will find a wide range of healthy and wholesome ingredients in Nutrience dog food like apples, blueberries, green peas, lentils and sweet potatoes.

Once you’re satisfied with the ingredients you’ll be feeding your dog, you can choose the Nutrience dog food that’s right for him. Whether your dog is a small breed puppy, a large breed healthy adult or an overweight dog, Nutrience has a selection of formulas that makes it simple for you to find the right canine nutrition.


Nutrience original pet food

If you’re looking for value without compromising on quality, this tried and true recipe of chicken and brown rice will provide your dog with all the basic nutrition he needs.


Nutrience Grain Free

More closely mimicking a carnivore’s ancestral diet, Nutrience Grain Free is protein-rich and designed to support peak performance in dogs of all breeds and life stages. It’s an ideal choice for active pets, pets with grain sensitivities and for pet parents who wish to feed a high protein diet.



Nutrience SubzeroTM is a Canadian made ancestral diet combining protein-rich kibble and freeze-dried NUTRIBOOST to deliver the nutritional benefits of raw in a convenient and easy to use recipe. Our formulations are prepared with fresh, never frozen Canadian sources of meat, poultry, Pacific wild-caught fish and real freeze-dried protein for a superior flavor that even the finickiest dogs will crave.



Nutrience Infusion is a Canadian made food, combining fresh never frozen chicken, low-glycemic whole grains, vegetables, fruits and nutrient-rich botanicals. This protein-rich kibble is infused with freeze-dried chicken liver for superior flavour that even the finickiest dogs will crave.

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