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Raw Food


Made in Canada, Nutrience SubZero Raw is prepared with locally sourced, high-quality proteins, fruits and vegetables, all frozen at the peak of freshness. Hand crafted in small batches, all SubZero Raw recipes are minimally processed and made following the highest food safety standards.

• Our foods are made with human grade meats and whole fish that are antibiotic and hormone free, humanely raised and sustainably harvested.
• Made with fresh multiple meats and fish along with vegetables, fruit and botanicals.
• Every recipe is formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition using only naturally sourced ingredients, eliminating the need for added synthetic vitamins or minerals.
• Each formula contains a diverse amino acid profile and provides a complete diet making raw food easy and avoids having to follow a strict rotational feeding schedule with classic raw meals.
• All foods are blast frozen and individually wrapped to preserve peak freshness and nutritional integrity.
• All our recipes include a prebiotic and probiotic blend to aid in proper gut health.

It’s no secret that Safety and Quality are a primary concern when it comes to raw food processing. In order for us to ensure that we do not compromise on either, every batch of Nutrience Subzero Raw is carefully hand mixed within a HACCP certified raw food kitchen.
Following the highest possible food processing requirements, HACCP represents an internationally recognized food safety standard which is also used in human food facilities.

All human grade supply chain manufacturers are required to implement a HACCP protocol and we are proud to be using the same standards for our Subzero products. In addition, every batch is tested for quality and security prior to leaving our kitchens and is safely transported in Subzero temperatures right to the retail level.

Raw Food
  • Raw Fraser Valley Learn More
    Raw Fraser Valley

    Our Raw Fraser Valley formula is prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients including sustainably-caught salmon and herring, as well as free-run Candian chicken and turkey. All our Raw products are hormone and antibiotic-free.

    Available sizes:
    3.17 kg

  • Raw Prairie Red Learn More
    Raw Prairie Red

    Our Raw Prairie Red formula is prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients including sustainably-caught salmon and herring, as well as hormone free Canadian pork & antibiotic and hormone free lamb and beef.

    Available sizes:
    3.17 kg

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