The Asista foundation is a non-profit group based in Laval Quebec. Its mission is to train service dogs for people with certain mental health issues as well as persons on the autism spectrum. The program’s goal is to establish a therapeutic relationship between the owner and their dog through various tasks supporting the owner’s handicap in order to help them overcome particularly difficult situations, whether in their own homes or in public places.

What makes Asista so unique? Not only do they work with dogs showing desirable dispositions that come from abandonment, rescues and shelters in an effort to fight the problem of overpopulation of pets in Quebec, Asista also counts on the volunteer work of many specialists from different fields to get a proven expertise that benefit the well-being of people and dogs in the community and which also allows Asista to operate for free in the community. That’s something to be proud about!

When the foundation was officially established in April 2012, Rolf C. Hagen Inc.’s team wanted to get involved, so they decided to sponsor Asista. As well as training service dogs to help people in need, Asista exceeds expectations by collaborating on the continued efforts to improve the standards governing service dogs in Quebec.

Demand for that type of dogs is increasing at a rapid and remarkable rate. Asista is thus working relentlessly in order to meet the demand of persons who need a service dog. The Nutrience team is extremely proud to work closely in collaboration with Asista. We will continue to offer our support in order to find the perfect service dogs for those who need them.

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