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Fun Winter Activities for You and Your Dog

January 9, 2017

It’s freezing outside – not exactly ideal weather to spend the day playing in the park with your pup. Your dog, however, would love to get outside, even in the chilly depths of winter. While it’s easy for you and your pet to get plenty of exercise during the warmer months, regular exercise is important all year round, so winter exercise simply requires getting a little more creative. We’ve rounded up a list of great ideas to help get you started!

Try some of these activities this weekend! We would love to hear about the fun you had in the comments section below!


For those who enjoy skiing, skijoring is a great way to enjoy the snowy weather – and perfect skiing conditions – while also giving your pup the chance to get a ton of exercise. Skijoring is quite simple if you already know how to cross-country ski and your pup loves to run. While you’re on cross-country skis, your pup runs in front of you with a long line connecting you to your pup’s harness. Read these great tips for skijoring before getting started.

Dog exercise skijoring

Nose work

Nose work is a great way to give your dog both physical and mental exercise. Practicing nose work outdoors also makes the activity more challenging for your pup with the addition of elements like snow and wind. Never practiced nose work with your pet before? It’s easy! The sport simply challenges your dog to locate a scent by sniffing it out, leading you to the location. Use this article to guide you in getting started!

Dog exercise nose work

Snowshoe Trek

For pups that are particularly fit, snowshoeing is a super fun way to spend the afternoon and take in some beautiful winter scenery. While the activity itself is straight forward, it’s important to consider your dog’s stamina and overall health before snowshoeing. An afternoon of walking through deep snow is physically demanding for your pet, but for the dogs that can handle it, the workout is excellent and your dog will enjoy playing in the snow all day!

Dog Exercise Snowshoeing

Bundle up and give some of these fun winter activities a try! Your pup will love it and you’ll both get a great work out.


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