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  • Puppy Fraser Valley Formula


    April 30, 2019 in Peterborough Ontario
    I had to stop using the Royal canine that came with the puppy from the breeder....and I like the quality of the Nutirence food so I changed over to it .....and I love that it is Canadian made !! My Pug puppy likes it....I have been using the Subzero puppy ....the first bag was great....but the second puppy developed diarrhea....I removed all the freeze dried raw food pieces and gave the kibble to her....the diarrhea I stilll love the food and the quality! Will purchase another nutrience maybe small breed ...without the freeze dried raw meat! PS Pugs are really sensitive to many things ...learned that with my previous pug ...that we had to put down due to heart failure at the age of 14
  • Puppy Fraser Valley Formula


    March 7, 2019 in New Brunswick
    My American Bully loves this food, her coat is shiny and chrome! She’s gaining clean muscle like crazy, her energy levels are great, and it doesn’t give her any bad gas like cheaper foods. The Protien levels are off the charts. The first 12 ingredients are high quality animal protien, you don’t get that from the average dog food! Every animal in my house loves this brand, my cats & my senior mastiff included. Do your animals and yourself a favour and switch to Nutience SubZero now!
  • Healthy Adult Large Breed


    February 11, 2019 in Nova Scoti
    I have a 10 Month old Bernese who's picky when it comes to his dog food. This is the third brand of good quality dog food (Blue/Simply Nourish) and he loves it. I introduced this into his bowl with his old food and he really gobbled it up quickly. He use to graze his food throughout the day, but today he devoured it. I'll give this an excellent rating because of what I saw, packaging was good, especially the easy close bag.

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