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Does Nutrience offer hypoallergenic dog and cat food?

December 12, 2014

We currently do not offer a specific range of hypoallergenic pet food formulas, however, we do have formulas that are good alternatives to either protein allergies or grain sensitivities in your dog or cat:

Allergies in dogs and cats:

  • Dogs and cats are typically allergic to proteins, which most people relate to either fish, beef, egg, milk, chicken, etc. Your pet’s body will over react to what it considers an invasive protein, which can happen at any time. However, it can only be if they are exposed to that specific protein. If your pet develops an allergy, you can look for foods with “less common” proteins or foods free of chicken, egg, fish or beef which tend to be the most common allergies. Nutrience offers the following suggestions: Natural Seven Fish Medley (dog), Natural Ocean Fish and Duck (cat), Natural Lamb and Duck (dog), Grain Free Ocean Fish (dog and cat).

Grain Sensitivities in dogs and cats:

  • Grains can potentially be a source of sensitivity with some dogs and cats who would be allergic to the protein portion of the grain, which is called gluten and/or they may simply have trouble with digesting certain grains similar to people. All Nutrience formulas are free of corn, wheat and soy and we have selected either rice (Nutrience Original) or Steel Cut Oats (Nutrience Natural) as our grain source, which are low on the glycemic scale and higher on the digestibility scale.

Should your pet develop an allergy, consider the time of year in which symptoms appear since they can be attributed to seasonal and/or environmental allergies. If you have any questions regarding allergies and/or food sensitivities, please talk to your vet or to a pet store specialist.

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